July 25 – His story: Man’s rescue – Ministry in the now and forever

Read Mark 1:14-2:12

The earthly ministry of Jesus culminated in His crucifixion and resurrection.  These were the bits of HIS story that ultimately provided for the rescue of man.  But it is interesting to note that Christ did not go directly from the manger to the cross.  Even after His baptism and temptation, He was not ushered to Golgotha.  Based on references in the Gospel accounts to Jewish feasts such as the Passover, we understand that He engaged in ministry spanning approximately 3 ½ years.

During those years, Jesus selected 12 men with whom He spent time, so that He might send them out as His ambassadors.  During those years, He validated His identity as the Son of God / Messiah in a variety of ways:

  • He healed men and women, demonstrating His compassion for people and His power over sickness and disease.
  • He exorcised demons, making clear the superiority of His kingdom over that of other powers in the unseen world.
  • He calmed seas and storms, displaying His control over the elements and weather patterns.
  • He multiplied food, exhibiting His creative skills and His desire to meet the needs of people.
  • He taught authoritatively, setting Him apart from other Jewish teachers of his day.

His ministry during those years set the stage for His cross work and helped mankind to recognize that Christianity deals not only with heaven and eternity but also with earth and now.  It addresses not only issues of sin and forever but also areas of concern for today.

As a Christ follower today, it is important for you to note that Christianity is more than a “pie in the sky by and by” portion of life.  While dealing with ultimate, eternal issues, it has dimensions that overflow into every area of life today.  In that regard, it is very holistic, addressing in some way, shape, or form the matters and worries of daily living.  To allow the supremacy of Christ to permeate every aspect of who you are, then, is critical!  To allow His word to relevantly speak to both issues of eternity and concerns for today is essential.

In what area do you need His input today?

Steve Kern

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