August 6 – His story: Man’s rescue – A Wedding and a White House

Read Revelation 19:1-21

Over the years, I have had the blessing of attending some pretty elaborate wedding receptions.  One of the most memorable included a several hour cruise and an elaborate candlelit dinner on Lake Constance.  Lake Constance is a beautiful lake situated at the intersection of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.  Wow!  What a wonderful experience.

But as glorious as that event was, it pales in comparison to the wedding reception depicted in the first half of today’s reading.  At some point during the 7-year turmoil of the Tribulation on earth, the now raptured church of Jesus, His bride, will celebrate her union with Him at the “wedding supper of the Lamb.”  All who have placed and will place genuine, saving faith in Christ will gather together for this great event!  We anticipate this great celebration as we participate in Communion.  I trust that you will be there next Wednesday as we look forward to this heavenly wedding reception.

Meanwhile, back on earth, conditions spiral downward as turmoil continues and the Antichrist complicates life.

But those 7 years, the turmoil, and the work of the Antichrist are halted as Jesus returns to the earth.  With fiery eyes, wearing a blood stained robe, donning crowns on His head, and riding a magnificent white horse, the Christ rides in triumphantly.

“King of Kings” by Ron DiCianni

Accompanying Him are those who have been part of the wedding reception.  That’s right…We will be there to witness this powerful overthrow of a kingdom that Satan sought to establish.

Just as important as the appearance of the Savior are the words that describe Him in verse 11.  He is faithful, true, and just.  He keeps His promises.  He never lies or deceives.  And He is obligated to punish evil.  And He will punish evil at His return.  But there is one more word that fits into this scene.  Though not found expressly in the text, I am sure that you know that He is also gracious!  It is only His grace that distinguishes between those painfully receiving His judgment and those gloriously riding with Him.  As you consider applauding because one day evil will be punished, remember that you too would be punished…save for the grace extended to and embraced by you.

Steve Kern

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