August 12 – Unstoppable – Unstoppable Power

Read John 14:15-17Luke 24:36-49Acts 2:1-21

Something was coming.  Better said, “Someone was coming.”  This Person was to be the Paraklete, the Comforter, the Counselor, the Teacher.  He would guide believers into all truth and would convict the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment.

But He was no newbie on the scene.  No, His existence is traced beyond the point of the inception of time to eternity past.  Thus, He is older than the hills . . . in fact, He was a co-participant in creating them.  But creation was only one of many of His spectacular works.  He enabled people like Joshua and Daniel to interpret dreams.  He gave to King David incredible leadership abilities.  He was the wind in the sails of Bible authors and the source of the words for the prophets.  The Holy Spirit had been active throughout time leading up to Christ’s ministry.  In fact, He had even been part of what Jesus had done.

Still, this would be different.  While the Spirit had been with them, the day would come when He would be in them.  Previously, He had come and gone, somewhat mysteriously and unpredictably.  And never before had He taken up residence in frail human beings.  But that day was coming.

Not only would His coming be different; it would also be essential.  Jesus was clear in His instructions: “Stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high.”  Without that power, they would be dead in the water.  With that power, they would be part of the unstoppable church, empowered to bear witness of Christ in their neighborhood and among the nations.  The unstoppable nature of the church is not only a result of the Christ who builds it.  It is also the product of the Holy Spirit who fuels the church’s mission.

And when that day came, powerfully spectacular things happened.  His coming was announced by tornado like sounds and fiery visions.  Language barriers were broken and a sermon was preached.  And the most spectacular thing of all . . . 3000 people came to Christ.

That same Spirit is still active today.  He drew you to the Savior, if you know Him.  He lives in you, if you are a believer.  And He empowers God’s people today for an unstoppable ministry.

Steve Kern

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