August 17 – Unstoppable – Tools for Building an Unstoppable Church (Part 2)

Read Romans 12:1-21

Yesterday, we discovered that Christ, as the builder of His unstoppable church, uses human “tools” in His construction project.  Those tools work best when they are used in the way that they were designed.  Some of those tools include gifted church leaders (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers).  While these leaders have unique abilities, they share a common purpose of equipping others in the body of Christ to mutually serve one another so that the “church construction” continues to progress upward.

But church leaders are not the only “gifted” individuals in Christ’s construction project.  The truth is that every genuine Christ follower has at least one special ability.  The Holy Spirit gives to each one of God’s children a unique gift.  Do you know what yours is?  Romans 12:6-8 lists a small sampling of them:  prophecy, serving, teaching, exhortation, generosity, leadership, and mercy.  Meanwhile, the Bible is clear that there are others.  You can perhaps discover yours by observing those things that you especially enjoy doing and are fruitful at.  The input of others can also be a great help in identifying your “gift.”  Other brothers and sisters in Christ often have a better perspective of how God uses you than you do!  If you don’t know your gift, seek to discover it.

Once you identify it, be careful how you feel about yourself and your ability.  Don’t think too highly of yourself in pride!  Don’t think too lowly of yourself in disappointment!  Don’t look at others and their gifts with jealousy!  Don’t look at yourself and your gift in superiority!  The Holy Spirit distributes gifts as He sees fit.  You had no say in what gift you received.  There is neither room for pride nor for jealousy.

There is, however, a need to use your gift.  The Spirit of God has designed you to be used as a tool in the construction of Christ’s church.  He has planned that you serve as a part of the “body” of Christ.  Every body part is essential.  Others need what you have to offer, just as you are dependent upon the gifts that others have.

Humbly identify your gift and put it to use!

Steve Kern

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