August 24 – Unstoppable – Unstoppable church: incredible power

Read Ephesians 1:15-2:10

As we continue to learn about the unstoppable church that Christ is building, it is important that we stop occasionally to review the resume of qualifications and accomplishments of this great Architect.  In fact, Paul even prayed that the believers in Ephesus would have a growing appreciation for Him and what He has done.  Specifically, the apostle prayed that his readers would be enlightened in understanding three things:

  1. The hope of our calling
  2. The riches of His inheritance
  3. The greatness of His power

It is especially the last of these, His power, that Paul expands on.  Jesus followers, you see, are part of a powerful movement with a powerful leader.  This power was demonstrated in the resurrection.  Bringing a person from death to life after three days is a feat only possible for One possessing omnipotence.

But Christ was not only raised from death to life.  He also sat down . . . not as one exhausted and needing rest, but as One seated on a throne that depicts both authority and power.  This power and authority extends over all things.  Every angelic force is subject to Him and every demonic force cowers before Him.  Everything, in fact, is beneath Him.

And that power reaches to the church.  He is the head over the church.  In fact, the church is the body that responds to His impulses as the head.

His incomparable power not only extends over the church.  It is also at work within the church.  Every follower of Jesus has experienced it.  He has performed spiritual CPR on us, raising us from death to life.  And He has also elevated us to a seat next to Christ.  We sit in a position above all of the forces of darkness.  In Him, we are not subject to them.  We have experienced His power.

And there is one more facet of our elevation that is worth noting.  Into the ages to come, He shows through us the “incomparable riches of His grace.”  It is as if we are trophies on His shelf.  We are not there to draw attention to ourselves but to Him whose power won the trophy.

Steve Kern

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