August 31 – Unstoppable – Our “all consuming” ministry

Read Matthew 28:1-20

Although I have read this chapter countless times, I was struck by the exhaustive nature of the last three verses.  The mission of the unstoppable church . . .

  • Originates from the One who has all authority.  This is not a mere suggestion from a no-name person.  This command emanates from the Creator of the universe, who, with His infinite authority, called things into existence out of nothing.
  • Focuses on making disciples of all nations.  Although the epicenter of this movement was Jerusalem, it would soon spread to Judea, Samaria, and to the uttermost parts of the world (Acts 1:8).  Ultimately, people “from every tribe and language and people and nation” will respond to the message (Rev. 5:9).
  • Necessitates teaching all that Christ commanded.  The words of Jesus were not only intended for the original listeners.  People like us who have yet to meet the Savior face to face carry an obligation to not only know, but to also obey all of His teaching.
  • Promises the “always presence” of Jesus.  He will never leave His servants.  The church is never alone in its accomplishment of the mission.

The unstoppable church has an unending mission.  Until the day of His return at the rapture, there will be people to whom we can go – from our neighborhoods to the nations.  Whether we are talking about the person who lives next door or someone in one of the most remote areas of the world, we must work faithfully in this unending task until He comes.  As we await His return, we must ask, “Who will go to the unreached and least reached?”  Ministries like Joshua Project are helping us to identify those kinds of groups.

But the unending nature of the unstoppable church’s mission is not only necessitated by unreached people but also by unborn generations.  With each day that passes prior to the return of Jesus, an estimated 370,000 babies are born worldwide.  You see, the coming generations guarantee that we will be about the mission of Christ until He returns.

We participate in that mission by praying, giving, and going.  More on those in the days ahead.

Steve Kern

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