September 19 – Grace – Abusing Grace

Read Romans 6:1-15

Have you ever had the opportunity to fly in first class? I had always peeked up there as I turned and went towards the very back of the plane (got to get those cheap seats, am I right?). Recently, a friend and I were upgraded to first class for an 18 hour international flight because of delays and a small plane crash (it’s a crazy story that I would love to tell you in person). So here we are, a couple of Joe Schmo’s, sitting among the elite class. I’m sitting next to a wealthy family who are all dressed to the nine and I’m sitting there with a t-shirt, athletic shorts and flip flops…not to mention I’m still sweating from running through the airport in Ethiopia to our missed flight’s gate. As my friend and I are soaking in the moment, I notice a menu that describes all these 5 course meals throughout the whole flight. “Yo, is this free?” I ask. “Jake,” my friend responds, “what you are about to experience for the next 18 hours is 100% free.”

It might as well have been Heaven.

We both ate so much that flight. I mean, if all of this is available, I may as well take advantage of it, right? I even wore the little first class socks they gave you for the whole flight because why now? The blanket they offered you to sleep with was one of the most comfortable blankets I have ever felt. “Sir, would you like a hot towel?” “Um, I didn’t know that was a thing but sure!” Refills, next courses, snacks and deserts…I had them all. I mean, it’s there so why not take advantage of it. After all, it’s free!

Grace doesn’t work like first class flying.

Grace is such an incredible gift that is nothing even remotely close to what we deserve. Forgiveness and grace was given to us through the life, death and resurrection of Christ. It isn’t something to be taken lightly.

We all know those people who are living the “first class life” when it comes to their faith. Sin is almost excused because they know that their sins have already been paid for. I think about this now and think, “How on earth could someone abuse grace like that?” and then I remember that I was once a grace abuser. There was a period of my life where, sure I didn’t deliberately sin, but I asked for forgiveness and moved on. It almost wasn’t a big deal for me. Romans 6 is my favorite chapter of the entire Bible. It contains so much incredible material that I don’t have the space to write.

Grace doesn’t work like first class flying.

Remember, we have been given an incredible gift. Don’t abuse it. It breaks God’s heart every time we choose our own way over His. We owe more than we could ever repay for the sacrifice that He made for us.

Jake Lawson

Taking it further

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