October 4 – Demonic Plot – Hoped in Vain?

Read Luke 24:13-24John 21:2, 3; and 1 Corinthians 15:13-20

Some of those alive at the time of Jesus…yes, even some of His closest followers…some of them drew the wrong conclusions.

After having spent time with Him witnessing His miracles and hearing His teaching, their hopes were raised. “Could this be the One?” “Could He be the One of whom the prophets spoke?” “Could Jesus be the One come to rescue them?”

But though that hope had been slowly kindled over the course of many encounters, it seemed that it had only taken a single event to nearly extinguish it – Christ’s death. Granted, in most cases death will do it, alright! Yeah, sure, Jesus had recently raised Lazarus. But, even in that instance, Jesus had been the “raiser,” not the “raisee.” And when the “raiser” dies, no one is left to raise Him, right?

From their vantage point, it was over. Hope was a thing of the past. The demonic plot had been victorious. Might as well leave town and head to Emmaus. I guess it is time to go back to the way things had been, grinding out a living as fishermen. There was no reason to announce the Messianic message. There was no purpose to the preaching circuit they once traveled. There was no foundation for faith . . . at least not faith in Jesus. There was no release from the bondage of sin. There were no valid words of encouragement to be offered at a funeral. Without the resurrection of Jesus, faith was just a painkiller that dulled the ache of life without treating the source of the pain. It must have all seemed too good to be true anyway. So, they might as well go back to life as they had once known it.

That was life before the full dimensions of the divine plan were clear. That was life before the resurrection and its implications were clear.

But, as we will see tomorrow, the resurrection was a game changer! The divine plan won out.

Steve Kern

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