October 6 – Our Values – There is always a next step

Read I Peter 2:1-12

It is amazing to think that infants survive on a liquid substance! This substance has all they need for growth. This is, as we all know, just for a season. Peter challenged his readers then and us today to be aware of our diets. He tells us what our cravings should look like and what our appetites should be.

Let’s pause to think about this in the historical context in which Peter was writing. Nero was in power and Rome had been burned. All that the people prided themselves in was taken away. Their idols and the places of their pagan worship were gone.  The people had believed that Nero set the fire and were naturally angry. To deflect the accusations, Nero blamed the Christians for burning Rome and persecution of Christians ensued causing them to scatter to neighboring provinces. Peter was telling them, then, how to live and evangelize in their hostile environment. The truth of this passage gives them the spiritual direction and help to navigate their culture.

The spiritual climate in which we live today is also antagonistic. In this moment in time, we should also crave spiritual nourishment instead of following fleshly desires. This allows us growth and others may see our good lives, molded by Him, the Chief Architect, and glorify God. We can allow Him to continue to shape and build us into the people our culture needs to see.  The beautiful growth He brings in our lives gives us the platform to declare His praises.  Praises that come out of a grateful heart and a life that has been rescued out of darkness! Later in this chapter, we are called “God’s special possession.” He is showing us through His word what our next step is. Obedience is the barrier between us and growth. This is hard to swallow and yet it’s true, isn’t it? It takes me too long to reason and rationalize why I “feel “ the way I do and why “I need time to process.”  In fact, I am refusing to obey and be used as a “living stone” that is being built into a spiritual house to glorify God (vv. 5-12). Let’s submit to His plan!

There is always a next step! Take a few minutes each day to let the Word of God and the Holy Spirit reveal to you what yours is.

Celeste Kern

Questions to consider:

1. Listen to I Peter 2 and think through the ways to grow in your faith.


  1. Pray and act on the good things God is revealing to you to do today.

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