November 22 – A King is Coming – Low Tolerance and High Confidence

Read 1 Samuel 17:1-58

It shouldn’t have been David.  That’s right.  Humanly speaking, David should not have been the one to conquer Goliath.  David didn’t even come close to Goliath in height.  With Goliath towering over 9 feet in the air, it probably should have been someone like Saul who, from the shoulders up, was taller than anyone else in the nation.  David certainly didn’t compare to Goliath when it came to military experience.  Perhaps it should have been one of David’s brothers or one of the others from the thousands gathered on the mountain where the Israelites stood.  David’s battle gear was laughable in contrast to Goliath’s.  Goliath probably wore armor or carried weapons with a total weight more than David himself.  Meanwhile, David toted a sling and five stones.  Should it have been someone who could actually fit in some armor?  Someone with experience with a spear or javelin?

But David had two things that the others standing on the Israelite side of the valley apparently lacked.

  1. He had a low tolerance for the disgrace Goliath brought upon God and His people.
  2. He had high confidence in the power God would unleash against Goliath.

As a result, that, which shouldn’t have happened, happened.  David not only marched into battle bravely, He also emerged from battle victorious.  Goliath had been conquered and the Philistine armies had fled.

I think it is safe to say that you will also face a Goliath in your life.  Not necessarily the nine foot variety with battle garb and weapons.  But the kind that will seek to disgrace God and His church.  These are the kind of people that revile what they don’t understand (Jude 1:10) including your good behavior in Christ (1 Pet. 3:16) and angelic majesties (2 Pet. 2:10, Jude 1:8).  You will experience that at some point.

When that kind of opposition comes, will you just powerlessly step aside and allow them to seem to be correct?  Or will you confidently stand knowing that the power of God will one day be unleashed against those who oppose the living God?

Steve Kern

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