December 1 – GIVE JOY – Jesus left Heaven for us

Read John 1:1-18 and Philippians 2:5-8

“And the Word became flesh…”

So there He was; living in Heaven with God. There is literally nothing that could have been better for Jesus! Take the time to imagine what Heaven will be like. The Bible gives us small glances into what Heaven will be like. Imagine being in the very presence of God! Imagine being in your heavenly body, healed of all sickness and experiencing such joy! Imagine for a moment what it would mean to be in Heaven. Now imagine what it would be like to give it up to help other people.

Jesus knew that we had a sin problem with no real way out. If this problem isn’t solved, we are going to spend forever separated from God in a very real place called Hell. However, Jesus stepped out of Heaven and into human flesh to live a perfect life so that He could ultimately die on the cross for your sin and mine. How incredible! Jesus gave up all of that so that you and I can live in Heaven with Him one day!

Take a moment and thank God for giving us His Son and the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross for us. Without that, there is no hope!

Throughout the month on December, we as a church are committed to meeting needs in our community. We are calling this emphasis Give Joy. We are challenging ourselves to give joy to 10,000 people throughout December! Every day leading up to Christmas, you will read an aspect of the Christmas story as well a challenge of how you can give joy to someone through what you learned!

Give Joy Idea: 

Write an encouraging letter to someone in the armed forces who won’t be home for Christmas this year, serve/donate hot meal for soldier’s family Christmas party.

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