December 13 – GIVE JOY – Walk by faith

Read Luke 2: 22-35

“Sovereign Lord, as you have promised, you may now dismiss your servant in peace.”

For many years after the Old Testament time people waited to see the Messiah. They heard the prophesies spoken of in the Bible, but the Messiah had not come yet. Many people had waited their entire lives to see him, but he did not come.

In Luke 2 we read about Simeon and how he knew that one day he would see the Messiah. Simeon had faith that he would one day get to meet the Messiah. And then it happened, as Mary and Joseph walked into the temple courts, Simeon’s faith became a reality!  He met Jesus, the Messiah!  The very one that they all had been waiting for. Can you imagine the joy that would have overcome Simeon in that moment?

Some of you may know the joy that Simeon felt. This is not because you saw Jesus face to face,  but because he has become your Savior. You have begun your walk of faith. Others of you may need to take that walk of faith today. You may choose today to place your belief in Jesus and to make him the leader of your life. If you have not chosen to follow Jesus, I encourage you to email We would love to talk through your next steps with you!

And for those that have followed Jesus it is time to walk by faith by Giving Joy to someone today!

Give Joy Idea:

Choose to donate a gently used or new Toy to People to People’s Christmas Toy Project. Pray that God would encourage just the right child with that toy.

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