December 18 – GIVE JOY – Care for others

Read John 6: 5-12

“Here is a boy with five small loaves of barley bread. He also has two small fish. But how far will that go in such a large crowd?” Jesus said, “Have the people sit down.” There was plenty of grass in that place, and they sat down. About 5,000 men were there. Then Jesus took the loaves and gave thanks. He handed out the bread to those who were seated. He gave them as much as they wanted. And he did the same with the fish.”


Like the wise men we read about, people have always brought Jesus what they have. One young boy heard Jesus wanted to feed 5,000 people and decided to give Jesus what he had. He didn’t have much, only five loaves of bread and two fish.

This young boy must have felt like “The Little Drummer Boy,” who could only give the sound of his drum. But what happened when this young boy gave his lunch is incredible. Jesus took the loaves and fish and gave thanks to God for them. Next, He broke it and had His disciples pass it out to all the people, and that small lunch fed everyone.

Not only that, the Bible says next that the people wanted Jesus to be their king! They discovered the king they’d always wanted because this young boy gave what he had.

When you Give Joy to others you’re giving Jesus something very valuable, an opportunity to show others that He loves them.

Give Joy Idea:

Visit a nursing home, sing a song for residents, or play an instrument, like “The Little Drummer Boy.” Who knows, maybe it could cause other people to want Him to be their King too.

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