January 7 – The Crucible of Crisis – All that we don’t know about suffering

Read: John 16:33James 1:2,12I Peter 1:6-9I Peter 4:12Hebrews 12:5-13

When questioned about the existence of God, Albert Einstein sometimes answered: Man knows perhaps 2% of all there is to know. That leaves 98% we do not know. Isn’t there room in that 98% for God?

In between the things we know are vast expanses of things we do not know. Navigating blindly through these voids most certainly leads to wrong conclusions, especially when those conclusions have to do with trouble in our lives.

Our loving Heavenly Father has not left us to navigate blindly through these oceans of unknowns. He has given us the necessary instrumentation – two essential guides – to lead us through space, time and trouble so we can avoid getting broken and shipwrecked on rocky cliffs of doubt.

guidesGUIDE #1
The first divine guide is truth. While He hasn’t revealed every truth that can be known, what truth He has revealed is our solid, trust-worthy guide through life’s hazards.

Truths we know about trouble… It is:

  • EXPECTED – Jesus guaranteed we’d have trouble (John 16:33), so why be surprised at our suffering “as though something strange were happening to [us]”? (I Peter 4:12)
  • PURPOSEFUL – Peter said trials purify and strengthen faith. (I Peter 1:5)
  • REASSURING – Trouble to correct us when we err proves we belong to Him. (Hebrews 12:5-13)
  • GOOD – Paul said God redeems good out of trouble. (Romans 8:28)
    Trusting in God and His truth keep us steadfast in the storms of life.

    Trusting in God and His word will keep us steadfast in the storms of life.

The second divine guide is faith. Faith is the great bridger-of-gaps, the connector-of-dots between the truths we know.

Simply put, truth + faith = confidence during trouble.

QUESTION TO PONDER: Can you add other truths or “guides” to the list above?

Barb Wooler

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