January 29 – God’s Will – God’s will and His purposes

Read Romans 8:18-39

Over the last two weeks, I have been in regular contact with a family where one of them has just received the diagnosis of cancer.  In these last few days, the doctor appointments have focused more on treatment plans and next steps.

Perhaps you are journeying through or have journeyed through that or some other major health issue.  Perhaps you did everything you knew to do to eat healthy, exercise properly, and take care of yourself.  Still, here you are.  Maybe yours is not a health issue, but it is something else that is just as unwanted.  Perhaps it is relational or financial.  Regardless, there is no changing this seemingly irreconcilable reality that the good God of heaven has allowed this, your bad experience on earth.

But take a moment and wade through your experience viewing it through the lenses of Romans 8.  Suddenly, you gain a different perspective.  You are reminded of things like these:

  1. You are loved (vv. 35, 36)!  Your situation is not a statement of how God feels about you.  His love is undeniable . . . even in the face of your experience.  The love of God is like a laser focused on you.  It penetrates anything else placed in its path.  Your are loved by God.  Don’t let your situation convince you otherwise.
  2. You are prayed for (v. 27)!  It doesn’t matter if you have shared your situation with countless others or if you haven’t shared it with another living soul.  The Spirit of God is fully aware.  With wordless groans, He prays for you in total agreement with the will of the Father.
  3. Your welfare is God’s plan (vv. 28, 29)!  Somehow, He wants to make good out of what seems awful.  The seemingly twisted path of your life ends at His feet.  The broken pieces of your life are reassembled in a way that allows you to be more like Jesus.

I realize that those realities don’t answer all of your questions, but they should begin to quiet them.  Slowly but surely, these can become the first-register thoughts of your mind as you consider your current situation.

Steve Kern

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