February 10 – Letters of John : 1 John 1:1-2:14

Read 1 John 1:1-2:14

There have been many times that I have said one thing and done another both purposely and not. This becomes a very dangerous practice as it relates to our spiritual lives. In this passage of Scripture, John is calling believers out for their “on the fence”, “not in or out” faith. As you work your way through the questions and reading, think of some ways that you may be compromising your own faith. How can you fix that?

  • In following God, there is only right and wrong, not shades of grey. Throughout chapter 1, what are some “grey areas” that John is writing about?

In this first chapter, John is talking to people who are struggling with the “grey areas” of the Christian faith. John is clearly telling them that you are either in or out…enough of this “being on the fence” mess. In the next several verses, John talks about 4 different hypothetical “grey area” individuals.

Person 1 (v.6-7)

  • How is this individual living a compromising life?
  • What is the danger of living in such a way?

John’s distinction principle – there must be a noticeable distinction between the world’s values and a believer’s values or that person is lying about being a believer.

Person 2 (1:8-10)

  • What are some examples of when you were ashamed of the sin in your life?
  • What hope does verse 9 bring you?

John’s pride principle – when we try to hide that we have sinned, we block God’s future use of our lives and we kill grace’s growth in us. Don’t hide who you are, bring who you are to an all-knowing Savior.

Propitiation (2:2) – satisfaction for our sins. Legal term meaning debt is paid and now satisfied.

Person 3 (2:4-6)

If you say you belong to Him, you should abide in what He does!

John’s practice principle – what we truly believe comes out in our lives.

Like a tube of toothpaste; when we are squeezed and under pressure, what comes out is the real us.

  • What does verse 5 say about the maturation process of a believer?
  • What discrepancies are there between your walk and your talk that needs to change?

Person 4 (2:9-11)

  • What is one of the symptoms of darkness in the life of a believer?
  • What role does hate and jealousy have in your life?

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