February 15 – Letters of John : 3 John

Read 3 John

As 2 John was about truth, identifying and living by it, 3 John is all about relationships. Throughout the 15 verses that comprise this book, John describes three different relationships and how they can make or break the growth of a local church and someone’s personal faith.

Gaius (v. 1-8)

  • From these verses how would you describe Gaius?
  • Ultimately, what does John say about supporting Gaius?
  • What can you take away from Gaius and apply to your life?

Gaius was described as a servant who impacted others. John uses his words to describe the inner growth that is taking place in Gaius’ life. He has a good reputation among all people and warmly welcomes people in hospitality. Paul spoke very highly of Gaius and encourages people to emulate his life.

Diotrephes (v. 9-11)

  • What are some of the words or phrases that John uses to describe Diotrephes?
  • In what way would a person like this be detrimental to the local church?
  • In what ways are you going to avoid being like Diotrephes?

When you become defensive, you become unusable to God.

Diotrephes had the corner on truth and put out anyone that spoke against him. He didn’t allow anyone to speak into his life and refused to implement any of the things that John, an apostle, had suggested he do. John is so clear as to, in verse 11, call such people evil. People who “know it all” and don’t open themselves up to direction have no place in the local church.

Demetrius (v. 12)

  • What was one thing that was evident from the influence of Demetrius? What’s the key word that points to the range of influence that he had?
  • In what way do you think it is important for a follower of Christ to have good influence in the lives on people?

Before you say to yourself that you don’t have influence, the truth is that everyone does. If you have relationships with people, you have influence. As you think on the influence that you have on people, what kind of image are you portraying to them? Are you influencing them for good? Are you being Jesus to them? Do they see your life and your walk with Christ and want what you have?

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