February 18 – People of the Earth – God’s Unchanging Plan

Read Genesis 6:1-22 and Genesis 9:1-29

Occasionally, when I play Wii with our daughter, I don’t get off to a particularly good start.  Of course, no one wants to end up with a bad score, right?  So I do what any competitive person would do.  I shut down the game and start over!

Granted, that is a poor comparison with what we find in Genesis 6 where God “started over” with mankind.  This fresh start was due to no failure of His own.  Instead, Genesis 6:5 makes it clear that people had become the problem:  “The Lord saw how great the wickedness of the human race had become on the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time.”  Did you notice the extreme depravity depicted in that statement?  “…every inclination…only evil…all the time”  That’s bad!  And that is a far cry from His desire – the people of the earth giving praise to His name.

As a result, God hit “restart.”  He sent a flood that covered all of the earth and destroyed all beings…all beings, that is, except those on the ark.  The ark was their source of rescue.

Things were different after the waters receded.

  • Animals would now begin to fear humans. (9:2)
  • Men and women were now permitted to kill animals and eat them. (9:3, 4)  (They were formerly vegetarians.)
  • The roots of government were established as men and women were given the right and responsibility to punish evil. (9:5, 6)

But some things remained the same.

  • Man’s sin nature was still very much present. (9:20-23)
  • But God still had a plan that mankind would multiply and populate the earth. (9:7)

In spite of mankind’s propensity for evil, God’s plan is still that the peoples of the earth would give praise to His name.  Although He “started over” because of human waywardness, He remains committed to seeing people come to revere Him.  In fact, it would be through Noah’s son, Shem, that the Messiah Savior would one day come.  He would make that ultimate rescue possible.

Friends, that purpose of the peoples of the earth giving praise to His name has not changed to this day.  How are you structuring your life so that more people of the earth are led to Him?

Steve Kern

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