February 20 – People of the Earth – One Key Nation

Read Genesis 12:1-20

I remember my bachelor years when my room tended to get a little messy; clothes were everywhere and my bed was very rarely made. There were some days that I would walk over a pile of clothes and think to myself that I had better clean this up before I’m asked by my parents to pay rent and the electric bill. Looking at the huge mess, I ‘d plug in some music and tell myself, “You just have to start somewhere.”

God’s plan for humanity is one that spans thousands of years. There are a lot of ups and downs, praise and disgrace, good and evil mixed throughout the story of mankind. In Genesis 12, we see God starting His great nation of Israel. This very important nation that would produce the Savior of the world started with just one man.

God comes to Abraham and promises him that, if he leaves his home and goes out into a foreign land, Abraham’s name will be made great and that, from his line, a great nation will be born. God’s promise included that people who bless Him will be blessed and those who curse Him will be cursed. What a promise! Abraham was up to the challenge and set out in obedience. We learn from Abraham that, at any time, we need to be ready to drop everything to follow God.

But we also learn something else. We learn that, after the high points of our lives, we are the most susceptible to temptation. Even Abraham’s story included some pride and disobedience.  When Abraham went to Egypt, he lied about his relationship to his wife Sarah so that he would be safe (Abraham said she was his sister). In turn, for taking Sarah to be his wife, Pharaoh’s house was stricken with plagues; Sarah was quickly returned and Abraham was told to leave.

The very important nation of Israel started with just one man who was willing to sacrifice everything for the better good. From this point on, the nation of Israel would be God’s chosen people. Many people would try to attack the Israelite people but they would never be successful without the okay from God. When Abraham accepted God’s challenge, he made himself to be the father of God’s chosen people, Israel. Just as God worked miraculously through Abraham’s obedience, He can do the same through you!

Jake Lawson

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