February 23 – People of the Earth – Marked with Blessing

Read Psalm 67

God, mark us with grace and blessing! The whole country will see how you work . . . (v1, msg)

The children of God are marked with blessing so it can’t be denied — we are the children of God!

He draws people to Himself as He brings grace upon grace. So those living on earth will know what (He is) like; all nations will know how (He) deliver(s) (His) people (v7, NET). It’s why He sent Jesus — to make Himself known and make it possible for mankind to respond to His pull, to find true salvation and life. The Almighty wants to bring glory to His perfect and mighty name.

Send us around the world with the news of your saving power and your eternal plan for all mankind. How everyone throughout the earth will praise the Lord! (vv2,3, Living Bible)

We are God’s painting, His handiwork displaying His glory so all the peoples of the earth might realize His amazingness. We live for His glory, tell of His goodness, speak of His grace, and He works His plan for praise.

He blesses so His name will be praised. Every blessing points straight back to God.

But the way He blesses might confuse some of us. Because crises occur. Earthquakes shake lives and hurricanes ruin homes and evil people use guns to kill marines. And, really, where can the blessing be inside all of that?

He works His mighty hand and offers deliverance still and the blessing is given and His name will be feared. Because God is always good, even when fallen earth is not.

Still, God’s name will be praised throughout the earth. His purpose still stands, and it will be fulfilled. All the peoples will one day pay tribute and fall to honor the One and Only King of Kings.

How will you honor God’s name today? How will you recount His blessings? Even if you’re in a really tough place, can you find God’s blessing still?

Can you hold on to the undeserved gift of real life and freedom that He’s given you through Jesus? Then you are blessed beyond measure. Even if you’re in the middle of a great big storm. So praise His name.

Bria Wasson

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