February 25 – People of the Earth – All Nations

Read Matthew 28

It is finished (Jn 19:30).

When Jesus hung on that cross that Friday on that hill, the task was complete. All of time had hinged on the work of the God-man, Jesus Christ, and what He finished on that cross. The death and the pain and the suffering He endured up to the last taste of the horrible sour wine the guards gave Him in their merciless act — He took it up in all its terrible fullness so that Sunday could happen.

He finished death that day on the cross. Then He proved His victory when He left the grave empty three days later — the victory He attained for all the people of the earth.

Great is the name of the Lord God Almighty! Worthy of all worship. He holds all the authority of heaven and of earth. And the peoples of the earth will worship Him.

All nations included. There is no one He didn’t want to deliver, nobody He meant to leave out of His inheritance. For all can come and worship Almighty God. That is why Jesus came.

That is what He finished.

And it’s why He wants us to tell everyone we know about Him. He calls us to make disciples of all the people of the earth so all can worship the One Who holds all power.

So, let me ask you — are you living up to the call He has given you? Are you making disciples of all nations? Maybe you’re not over in Africa or somewhere else in the world, but do you have a hand in the making of disciples? All the world includes Wayne County, Ohio.

God has a plan for all the people of the earth to bring glory to His name. Are you spreading the word about Him? Are you pointing people to the One worthy of honor? Are you helping them know the One they were created to worship?

Bria Wasson

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