February 28 – People of the Earth – Faith as Righteousness

Read Galatians 3:1-29

I have never been good at mathematics. In school, I would find myself doing an elaborate math problem and as it progressed, I would feel like things were going well; the numbers didn’t seem too high or low and my temper was in check. I would get an answer that I could live with and submit it, only to find out that it was wrong. “What?! I wasted all that time and I got the problem wrong?!” When I would go back and look over the problem, I would find that I forgot a single negative sign, ONE! One sign determined whether the solution was right or wrong. The whole entire math problem was made or broken by a single negative sign.  Christianity is a lot like that.

To some, it appears to be a very complicated and broad topic. Many thesis papers, books and journal articles have been written about Christianity and yet there is still more to be learned. Some people look at Christianity and are turned off because they feel there are too many rules and regulations to being a proper Christian.

While there may be a lot of debate on the topic of Christianity, it all boils down to faith.  Faith is what makes or breaks it.  Without faith,  there is no Christianity. The idea of faith is one that the church of Galatia struggled with. They were overly concerned with their actions or living under the Deuteronomic law. They were getting so bogged down by all the details that they were losing sight of the main goal.

Paul tells the Galatians in chapter 3 that anyone can come to faith in Jesus, only if they have faith. It is nothing that they can do by themselves; it is only through the faith that they possess. It is NEVER Jesus + something = salvation! It is just Jesus, faith in Who He is.

In reaching the people of the earth, while there may be some difficulties, the one thing the lost need is faith. Faith in Jesus: His life, His death, and His resurrection. That alone is what saves someone.  It is not a result of anything they can do. Knowing that anyone can be saved, we need to be good stewards of the opportunities God has given us.

Jake Lawson

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