March 1 – Do Not Fear – A Challenge to Live Unafraid

Read Joshua 1:1-9

I read somewhere that the words do not be afraid can be found 365 times in the Bible. That’s one for every day of the year. I actually read somewhere else that it’s 366 — so even Leap Year is covered.

I’ve been thinking about that, and I started wondering what might happen if I started to sort of put one on every morning when I get dressed. What if I took that truth and dressed my mind with it as routinely as I dress my body with my pants? Everyday.

What if every single morning after I get out of the shower, I read one of those do not be afraid’s and ask God to help me wear it well that day? What if every time I put it on, I think through the fabric with which it was made? The fabric of God’s absolute goodness, His Sovereign trustworthiness. And what if as I wear it all day, I consciously choose to pay special attention to that piece of clothing so that, no matter what, I will live? Unafraid.

I think that’s why God said it to Joshua so many times when he took the reigns of leadership over the Israelites. So he wouldn’t forget. So Joshua would wear well the truth of God’s Almighty I-will-never-leave-you grace that always takes care of him. So that he would do what God called him to do, even when the scary got really big.

Joshua had to wear it all the time if he was going to actually lead the Israelites into the land of God’s abundant promise. So should we. Because the life Jesus came to give us is a lot like that Promised Land. Full of His abundant blessings and promise and more life than we can imagine.

So, my friends, I offer up a challenge to you. For the next 14 days here, we’re going to look at what Life Unafraid might look like. What if for the next two weeks, we treat the do-not-be-afraid’s like actual pieces of clothing? And what if we start today. Right here with Joshua. Then tomorrow we’ll get another one and put it on. And we’ll keep on going until God grows our faith into an unshaken kind of unafraid such as cannot be thwarted by any scary. Ever.

Bria Wasson

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