March 2 – Do Not Fear – The Kind of Fear That Leads to Life Unafraid

Read Psalm 16

It’s the excited that mixes with the scared I feel when I stand at the edge of the ocean. The constantly pounding waves and the water’s mighty pull back out.

The bus that stops and let’s the lady cross when it could barrel through and scare the crazy right out of her.

The fear of God is like the dangerously beautiful fire that burns big and bold, no room for irreverence. It is the mercy storm that picks and chooses what it will destroy, in all its fury and power and might.

The fear of God is that which never falters, always remains, forever burns. It’s the bush that burned but without turning to ash.

The hand that formed walls out of Red Sea water.

The man called Jesus Who conquered death.

It’s dangerous and safe all at the same time.

And the only way it can be both is because of Who God is. He is Almighty. Forever. Never faltering. Always enough.

He is good. Always good. And He is just. All at the same time. He is kind and merciful, and sovereign and holy. He cannot be messed with. All deserving of our trust. Most worthy of our everything.

A friend of mine wrote about it so well when she said, “When we understand His goodness and His love, our hearts begin to cry out that He be strong and enough for the trials of life.  And then we discover that he is a mighty God, worthy of praise, our awe and our adoration.  We think we want Him to be safe, but we need Him to be awe inspiring!”

You see, if we are going to place our every ounce of trust in something, in SomeOne, we need Him to be bigger than anything we might come up against. We cannot live with any semblance of unafraid, no aspect of the real kind of life Jesus came to give, unless He is truly mighty, beyond our understanding.

Turns out He is.

When we bank all our fear in Who He is, we find an unafraid we cannot otherwise know.

I have set the LORD always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken (v8).

Bria Wasson

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