March 3 – Do Not Fear – Where Our Fear Belongs

Read Joshua 6:1-21

Joshua and the Israelites had just crossed the raging Jordan River, at flood stage. So here they camped, poised and ready to conquer the Land of Promise in the name of the One Who had led them to right here. Almighty God.

Still, Joshua had a lot to fear. Jericho was a walled city. Fortified and strong. And Joshua had led the Israelites through exactly zero conquests. Yes, he had all kinds of need for unafraid if he was to lead them into the land God promised generations earlier.

The last time Joshua was mentioned in this story, he lay facedown in the presence of Holy God. (See Joshua 5:13-16.)  It was the perfect place to begin a conquest. The only place to find true unafraid.

If we study the book of Joshua, we find him keeping this stance straight through every battle. Poised at the feet of God Almighty. It was the Israelites’ and his only chance for real life. The kind with victory and vitality and abundance. His only shot at conquest, Joshua knew that there was no way to conquer the land of Canaan but by God’s hand.  His plan.  His way.

So Joshua took every ounce of fear he had, and he placed it in Almighty God. And when he did, he heard God’s objective in one fell swoop of a word.

See… (Joshua 6:2)

God called Joshua to keep his fear in Him alone. He challenged him to live unafraid based on what only God could see.

We are called to the same objective. When we take our fear and place it on the only One Who stands worthy, we can know every battle has already been won. Because we know God, and we trust what He sees.

When we take our fear-filled focus and filter it through faith in God, our unafraid rises, and we find all we need to actually live like He’s called us to.

Facing the everyday calling to share His truth. Trusting His hand when the phone rings with news we dread. Walking through the fear we’ve known for far too long.

Before one toe touched ground on that just-outside-Jericho dirt, Joshua had to see what God considered already done.

See, I have delivered Jericho into your hands . . . (Joshua 6:2)

By God’s standards, the battle was over.  Jericho had already fallen.  And Joshua had every reason to enter the battle completely unafraid.

Bria Wasson

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