March 4 – Do Not Fear – Unafraid Faith Heroes

Read Hebrews 11

We read through the names like a list on a plaque. Each hero of the faith representing more courage, more unafraid, than most of us will probably ever know.

We read their stories, remember their amazing, and maybe we wonder how we ourselves might ever aspire to such brave acts on God’s behalf.

I don’t remember who inspired it, but somewhere, sometime, I was challenged to write a reminder in my Bible at the end of this great-hall-of-faith chapter. A reminder that I, too, can live so unafraid. So right there in my Bible, at the end of Hebrews chapter 11 after verse 40, I wrote, “41. By faith Bria . . . ”

I am in no way suggesting that the Bible can be added to, amended or even abridged. But those 16 characters scribbled by my own hand serve as a challenge for me. To keep my eyes away from fear. A challenge to focus my sight and place my fear on the only One Who can handle it. A charge to live. Unafraid.

I look through the list, admire the living and the unafraid as I read of Abraham’s courage to believe the promise and relocate to foreign lands, unknown territory. Noah’s bravery to face the ridicule and speak against the status quo.

Each one did more than merely survive. All of them lived. Unafraid because of their faith.

It led them to life beyond what anyone could have predicted. It took them through the fear that holds back and straight to God’s plan for abundance and real life.

Each of them had much to lose. Often their very lives were at stake. Still, they were not afraid because of where they fixed their focus.

They set their sights on God’s abundance. Unafraid of what they might face because they knew the certainty of what lay ahead. Almighty, always faithful God had more abundance and real life in store for them than any horror they might walk through this side of eternity.

That’s how Moses left Egypt, not fearing the king’s anger; he persevered because he saw him who is invisible (v27).

Each of these unafraid faith heroes practiced faith in the One Who saw what they could not.

Now faith is being . . . certain of what WE do not see (v1).

It’s essential for unafraid living. Faith and certainty and well-placed fear in the God Who knows, and sees, what we do not.

*I’ve written a short ebook on living unafraid. A manifesto, if you will. And I would love for you to read it, to find the challenge to really live. Unafraid. Next week, I’ll offer it when I launch my new personal blog (, but you can get it here right now. Just click here for the download. Then start living. Unafraid.

Bria Wasson

One thought on “March 4 – Do Not Fear – Unafraid Faith Heroes

  1. Brianna, a million times thank you! Your posts and your e-book are exactly what I need.
    Praise God for using you to reach me. Amen!

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