March 6 – Do Not Fear – How Life Unafraid Leads to More Life

Read Daniel 6:1-28

When Daniel’s jealous enemies got the king to make an edict against worshiping the One True God, they were not trying to turn him into a pagan. In fact, their intention was quite the opposite. They wanted to fault him for his faithfulness, because they knew that his faith was immovable. His righteousness that came by faith in Almighty God. Because day after day, Daniel served his God. Unafraid. And they didn’t like it one little bit.

So for Daniel, it might have appeared that his faith brought him trouble when the decree was made. Had Daniel not kept his focus clear, fear might well have taken over. Afraid could have easily bound him up and crushed him before one of those lions even touched him.

But Daniel’s fear was where it belonged. In the One True God. So he continued to see through the faith eyes God had given him. He continued, unafraid, to go before God, trusting Him wholly.

It was King Darius who found himself bound with fear. Afraid for his friend, he was unable to sleep or eat.

You see, Daniel’s properly place fear led the king to an unafraid life of his own. It led him to issue a decree for a Gentile nation to fear Him as well.

People must fear and reverence the God of Daniel. For he is the living God and he endures forever; his kingdom will not be destroyed, his dominion will never end (v26).

And so God brought glory to Himself through Daniel’s unafraid.

And real life, unbound by afraid, brought more life and true freedom.

Sometimes, God works the same way with us. He uses our unafraid, unshaken living to bring others to Himself. When we stare misplaced fear down, others notice our genuine unruffled faith and see God at work in us. When we face the uncertainty of shifting finances, or the impending death of a loved one, our fear in God shines through in ways we could never orchestrate on our own. And as we live inside the unafraid, others want it, too.

*I’ve written a short ebook on living unafraid. A manifesto, if you will. And I would love for you to read it, to find the challenge to really live. Unafraid. Next week, I’ll offer it when I launch my new personal blog (, but you can get it here right now. Just click here for the download. Then start living. Unafraid.

Bria Wasson

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