March 11 – Do Not Fear – Unafriad Unshaken

Read Psalm 91

Part of the afraid that I’ve always hidden behind was the fear of seeing something bad happen. Like a really bad car accident. Or a fist-fight. Or an old lady falling off her bike.

I really have no explanation for this fear. Other than an anxiety disorder that, if left unmedicated, has me making my husband check the garage door five times before we kiss good night. And constantly checking the ceilings for spiders.

That’s why I always struggled with the words in Psalm 91, where the writer says

A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you (v7).

I don’t want none of that! No desire to have hundreds and thousands falling all around me. I don’t want to see it. No, thanks. I mean, can’t I just avoid everyone’s falling altogether?

But here’s the thing I am learning about unafraid: it is not shaken by anything. It does not worry. Ever. Not even about what it might see. Because it has no reason to. Life inside the unafraid holds no room for fearing things like what might happen. Or what I might see happen. Because all of its fear is properly placed in the One Who will never fail it. The One Who can handle all that fear and will only give what is good. Unafraid has no place for anxious “what will I do if’s” because it hides inside “I trust the One Who is already there.” The One Who knew what would happen. Saw it all before it did. And still, He hides me in His great big shadow.

This is the life inside of unafraid. The life I want to live for the rest of my days.

It’s the way to real life. Trusting the only One worthy of all my fear.

Bria Wasson

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