March 14 – Do Not Fear – How Fearing God Leads to Life

Read Psalm 112

When my husband and I decided to take the opportunity we were given and move to Germany with our two kids for a year, I was fairly uncertain. Because there’s a lot of scary in it. Here’s why we decided to do it anyway.

You see, much of my life has been dictated by the wrong kind of fear.

Like the fear of being alone that convinced me to give in to crazy forms of peer-pressure. Or the fear of a certain kind of illness that told me to never let my kids go to Chuck E. Cheese (okay, still working on that one) or on certain carnival rides.

For a lot of years, I allowed the feeling called afraid to motivate how I responded to opportunities. I missed out on living.

Tragically, I made my kids miss out on things of life that could have helped them grow and enjoy life more. So when we got the chance to live overseas and face the scary of all that it entails, my husband and I agreed we wanted the crazy and scary of the life God had offered more than we wanted the safe and secure of what we already had.

I believe this is the beginning of learning how to fear God.

There is a certain kind of afraid, that if we find it, and we don’t let go, will actually lead us into life rather than keep us from it. It’s called the fear of God. We’ve been talking about it here for two weeks now.

I did a little word study on the word fear, hoping I would find that the two words means two different things. But, alas, I had no such luck. That word fear, it means the exact same thing in both instances.

It’s the Hebrew word yare, and it means affright, be make afraid, dreadful, put in fearful reverence. So, if we put the two verses and the one meaning together, we might come up with something like this:

The person who is afraid of Almighty God will not be afraid of anything else.

And here’s where it starts to make sense. You see, if we take Almighty God for Who He is, trusting and believing that He is in fact all-powerful, all-knowing and able to do whatever He pleases, then we have no room left for the kind of fear that makes me miss out on living.

And we only leave room for real life. Unafraid.

*I’ve written a short e-book on living unafraid. A manifesto, if you will. And I would love for you to read it, to find the challenge to really live. Unafraid. You can get it here Just click here for the download. Then start living. Unafraid.

Bria Wasson

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