March 23 – Jesse Tree – Abraham

Read Genesis 12:1-715:1-6

“I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you…all people on earth will be blessed through you.”  Genesis 12: 2-3

“Just trust me”.  Has anyone ever said that to you?  Maybe you heard dad or mom say that when they want you to try something new, or when dad is lost and won’t stop to ask for direction.  Sometimes it turns out well and sometimes…not so well.   But God can be trusted even when it seems totally impossible.  Here God is promising Abram he would be made into a great nation.  He was already 75 years old and didn’t have any kids yet.  Then God told him to leave everything he had and move to a new land.  So trusting God, he did what he was told. And he was blessed and was later known as the Father of the nation of Israel.

This story reminds me of the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony.  Being led by God, they sold everything and went on the dangerous journey to an unknown land where they faced incredible hardships all for the sake of religious freedom.   They had heard about the problems with earlier settlements, but still they felt that they were doing what God wanted them to do.  That was pure trust.

When we trust people, they can often lead us astray.  But you can never go wrong trusting God.  Even when things seem crazy, scary, or impossible, God will always lead you through to the other side stronger and wiser.

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