March 31 – COVID-19: Life in the New Normal (Day 6)

Read Acts 7:54-8:4

Each of us continues to navigate his/her way through a global pandemic that has significantly altered the way we live and move about. If you have been following along, we are also identifying seven key words that enable us to regain balance in the context of the virtual vertigo we are experiencing.

  • Sovereignty
  • Community
  • Family
  • Intentionality
  • Indestructibility

Today’s word is “opportunity.”

I have heard of people dishonestly capitalizing on this opportunity as a means of personal gain. They were offering products not approved by the FDA that were reported to diagnose or cure the coronavirus illness. That is not the kind of opportunity we are discussing here.

To understand our opportunity, let’s remind ourselves of a first-century scenario. At that time, it was becoming increasingly dangerous to identify oneself as a Jesus follower. Christians were being threatened. On man had been killed for his faith. Believers scattered. Logically, it certainly would have been a great time to stay at home, practice social distancing, and limit faith to private expression. But, they didn’t do that.  In a day when we would predict that the number of believers should have plateaued or declined as they went into hibernation, the number of Jesus followers grew exponentially. They recognized the opportunity.

As we stay at home with increased concern about personal contact, should we go into Christian hibernation? Is it time…even for just a few weeks…to put the Christian mission on hold?

Of course, the answer is “no.” This is a unique time in human history. I have never experienced anything like it in my lifetime. Likely you haven’t either. The sovereign God of the universe has allowed us to live “for such a time as this.” (Esther 4:14) We must do as the apostle Paul encourages us by “making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.” (Eph. 5:16)

Unbelievable as it may seem now, these events will one day be a timeframe referenced in history books. Will they also be noted in eternity as a time when God’s people recognized the opportunity and made the most of it? Will we step up and identify ways to meet the needs of others and share the gospel message in appropriate ways?

Steve Kern

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