April 2 – Jesse Tree – Joseph

Read Genesis 3739:1-641:1-841:15-46:450:15-21

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good.”  Genesis 50:19

“Mom always liked you best!”  That was a favorite line for a comedy duo from the 60’s.  And in Joseph’s case, his brothers could have easily used that line over and over again by exchanging the word “mom” for “dad.”  Everyone seems to be at fault here though.  Dad, for showing favoritism to Joseph over his brothers.  Joseph, for telling the brothers, who were already jealous, about his dreams. The brothers, for acting on their jealousy and throwing Joseph in the well and then selling him.

BUT, God had a plan.  He was going to save not only Joseph’s family but all his descendants.  He was with Joseph in the well, when he was in jail, when he was in charge of all the grain in Egypt AND when it was time to forgive his brothers.

God used all the brokenness of this family and turned it into good.  Joseph’s family was saved from the famine along with thousands of other people and best of all the family dynamics were healed.

Even when the world around us looks bleak, always remember that God is still in  control!

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