April 7 – Jesse Tree – Gideon

Read Judges 6:1-167:1-24

“The Lord answered, ‘I will be with you.’” Judges 6:16

Things had gotten pretty bad for the nation of Israel.   They were getting further and further from God.  God had not moved in His love for them.  They had moved away from Him.  As a result they had been delivered into the hands of the Midianites.  Mean and vicious people were once again ruling them.   They cried out for help from God.  God answered but not with a mighty army and a mighty warrior. No!  He called Gideon…. an unlikely hero who says of himself, ”How can I save Israel? My clan is the weakest in Manasseh, and I am the least in my family.”  Then as the army is assembled for the fight, God eliminates over 99% of the fighting force!

Why?   God answered that in verses 6:16 “I will be with you.“  That really is all Gideon really needed.  If God had left 32,000 men fight, they would have thought it was by their own might that they won.  But, with a force of only 300, they were going to have to rely on Him to win.

Throughout history we see this played out over and over again.  Tiny Israel has had to defend herself against much larger countries.  In our own history, rag tag colonists faced the strongest and best-organized army of the time.  And the common thread is that they were led by God.  With God as a member of their army their might was multiplied exponentially.

You might not ever be called to lead an army, but you might be “at war” with people around you everyday at school or work.   Do you try to fight your day-by-day battles alone?   Do you remember to honor God in your achievements?  Or do you take all the credit for yourself?

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