April 22 – Jesse Tree – Joseph

Read Matthew 1:18-25

Joseph loved Mary very, very much. He had even asked her to marry him. And she had said yes. So they planned their wedding and looked forward to starting their life together as Mr. and Mrs. Joseph. They probably thought they would get married and have babies together and live happily ever after. Yes, they were very much in love.

But somewhere in the middle of all their planning, God told Mary she was going to have a baby, and He would be the dad. God told her that baby would be Jesus, the Son of God.

But God hadn’t filled Joseph in on the plan. Not yet, anyway. And so, because he loved Mary so much, Joseph decided he would call off the wedding. That’s when God sent an angel to him with a special message.

You see, God knew what Joseph was thinking. He knew that Joseph followed God and loved Mary. He wanted Joseph to adopt Jesus and be His dad while He lived on earth. God had chosen Joseph for this very task.

He was “Joseph son of David.” That meant that Joseph was related to King David. If Joseph ever had to make a family tree, King David would be his great, great, great, great, a whole bunch of more greats grandpa. And that means so would Jesse.

In other words, Joseph was part of Jesse’s Tree. And, since he was going to be Jesus’ dad here on earth, Jesus was on that tree, too. In fact, Jesus was the whole point of the Jesse Tree.

You see, God had planned out Joseph’s life way before he was born. Back before King David even came along. And that was a very, very long time ago. God knew that Joseph would be the man to marry Mary. The special one to raise Jesus as his own. So He planned out the Jesse Tree, and He put Joseph right on the branch where Jesus would come along.

Jesus, the Son of God who came to earth to wipe away our sins and save us from death.

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