April 23 – Because He Lives

Read Luke 24

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow. Because He lives, all fear is gone. Because I know He holds the future. And life is worth the living just because He lives. (by Bill and Gloria Gaither)

We used to wake up early on Easter morning for church outside. We called it “Sonrise Service.” I lived in Southern California, so we didn’t have to worry about possibilities of snow. We’d wake up and be at the park by 5:30 am, sleeping bags and blankets to keep warm, hot chocolate for us kids, hot coffee for the parents. We’d arrive at the park in the dark, before dawn. The service would start with worship. Then, as the sun rose, we would hear about the day the Son of God arose. It was my favorite morning of the year. Somehow, the symbolism of the day’s newness and the new life that Jesus Christ’s Resurrection offers was not lost on my nine-year-old mind.

Still, to this day, I find amazement in the newness of spring’s buds and blossoms and baby lambs as they usher in the Easter season and the meaning of Easter — the new life that Jesus Christ offers. Such a perfect time of year He chose to arise from death, to proclaim new life in Him!

Two days He spent in the tomb. Death, it seemed, had taken Him. But now, the very God of Life himself proclaimed death to death and sin and provided a way for real life. Life Himself rose victorious over the death in which mankind had been stuck.

Easter morning changed everything.

Now you and I can know God’s forgiveness. Now we can know God Himself. We can do more than just bide our time here on earth, we can live as if there is something worth living for. Because there is! His Resurrection gives us purpose, hope for eternal life, something to live for.

Because He lives, and we know He does — for He even got hungry and ate fish — we no longer have to worry about our forever. We don’t have to worry about our right now, either.

This week, we will look at why it matters that Jesus Christ lives. We’ll take a brief tour through some of the pieces of everything that’s changed — Because He Lives.

Bria Wasson

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