April 28 – Jesus: The Resurrection and the Life – How the Resurrection Changed Everything

Read John 20:1-31

When He showed up at the disciples’ secret meeting, Jesus spoke peace. He breathed His very Spirit. God Himself dwelling in man because of Jesus Christ.

Life had conquered death. No more just surviving or hiding out. The Victor had staked His claim, and it included true blessing, peace, real living.

Jesus Christ, dead three days, was alive. God Himself, the Author of life, rose up straight from the tomb, and everything changed. For the disciples. For Mary Magdalene. For you. For me. Everything. Changed.

The shame that haunted Peter since that dreadful night by the fire — the servant girl, all those denials, and then that wretched rooster — all that shame had been nailed to the cross. And now Peter could dive in head first. He could soak in and live out this life of His best friend and Savior.

The fear that had the disciples hiding out with the doors locked up had been laid to rest when God Himself killed the system of this world in His own body. Jesus Christ conquered the fear of death and the dread of darkness.

Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you. (20:21)

Because of His victory, they could go and tell all about the God Who gave everything so they wouldn’t have to. Because of His resurrection, they could bear the very Name of God within themselves.

Yes, everything changed when God killed death with the perfect life of His Son Jesus Christ.

And His victory remains. His life still saves. When Jesus Christ left that grave, He left behind the shame and the death and darkness and the sin that we couldn’t conquer ourselves.

When Jesus Christ rose up from the grave, He changed everything about life for the disciples and for us. Now we don’t have to life by just surviving. When we trust Him for real life, hand Him all our shame and wickedness, He hands us the victory and the living He died to bring us.

And now everything is changed because Jesus is alive.

Bria Wasson

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