April 29 – Jesus: The Resurrection and the Life – Three Days? Just Right!

Read Luke 24:1-53

You have probably heard some great stories of rescue through resuscitation. Some people that flat lined were brought back by CPR. In other instances, a defibrillator jump started life all over again. Time is critical when that happens. I have heard of a few extreme cases where someone was brought back after an extended time in cold water, but typically, we are talking seconds or minutes.

In contrast, three days seem impossible…even laughable!

It’s true, the reports had trickled in that first Easter morning. A stone rolled away. An empty tomb. An angelic encounter. Grave clothes left behind. But still, it all seemed so unbelievable…illogical…scientifically impossible.

Two men had even given up. They had packed their bags and started on a seven mile journey from Jerusalem to Emmaus. They were leaving hope behind, perhaps moving on with life. To them, Jesus had seemed like a powerful prophet, who had done some pretty impressive things. But their hopes that He was Israel’s redeemer had been dashed by His untimely and unfortunate death at the hands of His enemies. Now, three days later, they were moving on in disappointment. Three days was a long time…too long.

But their eyes had been blinded…blinded to the fact that a crucifixion was necessary in order to truly redeem and rescue…blinded by the natural human thought that the resurrection was just a pipe dream…blinded by the idea that three days is not too long…and blinded in their ability to recognize that Jesus Himself was walking with them.

Blind, that is, until He broke the bread.

Suddenly, their fatigue melted into renewed strength. Suddenly, they understood why their hearts warmed and even skipped a beat as He spoke with them. He was alive! And even though they had been ready to call it a day, they raced back over the same seven-mile stretch of road they had just covered. This was news that had to be shared. The crucifixion had been a necessity, and the resurrection was a reality. They were eyewitnesses. They went back to announce that the rescue was complete.

Three days wasn’t too long! It was just right.

Steve Kern

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