May 6 – When I Get Out – Cultivating a Quiet Heart

Read Psalm 131:1-3

As the stay at home orders began rolling out, our family found ourselves watching at least a little more TV than before. Ok, maybe a lot more at times! Anyways, we discovered a show called “Alone” and got hooked. Essentially, this is a survival contest with no gimmicks. Ten contestants are left alone in the wilderness to fend for themselves. Whoever sticks it out the longest without “tapping out” wins. Each person is their own camera crew, so instead of talking to a companion, they talk to the camera. Left alone with their thoughts and a camera, whatever is loudest in their heart is going to come out. Some of them become overwhelmed with external situations or internal struggles they haven’t dealt with. This causes many to reach their breaking point and lose hope, ultimately tapping out in the end.

I don’t know about you, but this pandemic has slowed down certain aspects of life. At times, I’ve found myself wanting to stew on certain things. Whether it’s trying to make sense of the inconsistencies in the news, harping on my own opinions, or letting my own insecurities bog me down, there is a temptation to fixate on negativity rather than the hope I have in Jesus. Why is it that negativity is so much louder? Or are the ears of my heart just more inclined to listen to that stuff?

David often found himself in overwhelming situations. He was all too familiar with isolation. His own father-in-law had tried to kill him and David had to hide. He knew the internal battles as well as external. As he hid from enemies or faced the consequences of terrible decisions he made, it would’ve been easy for his heart to be screaming out loud in hopelessness. But David wasn’t alone. He had God with him and David’s faith was strong. He had “cultivated a quiet heart” (vs. 2 MSG) that allowed David to listen to the truth over the madness around or inside him. He was able to lean into hope no matter what the circumstances!

Have you been cultivating a quiet heart or have you been bogged down by things you can’t control? Is your heart screaming out in confusion, frustration, or even hopelessness so loud that you aren’t listening to God?  Let’s spend some time today asking God to help us calm our hearts and let’s lean into the true hope we have in Jesus! We, like David, can cultivate a quiet heart even in the midst of chaos.

 Matt Carter

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