May 7 – When I Get Out – Intentionality

Read Matthew 22:34-40

“I’m just too busy.”

“I wish my day had a pause button.”

“24 hours just isn’t enough!”

We laugh at these phrases now, wondering what in the world were we thinking as we wished for more time. Well.. we got it! I’d even argue to say that we got more than we hoped for, at least I know I did! Our schedules have been turned upside down and the search for more time has been replaced with how we can fill the hours.

But I think God wants to shift our thinking….

If we are honest with ourselves and each other, time gets away from us. The moment that school, kids, spouses, work, sports, and appointments get thrown into the mix, then our priorities become the plans that we’ve made for ourselves or that others have made for us. When the above is our schedule, it requires us to “make time” for a coffee date with a friend or spending the evening with your husband or wife. Our priorities get cluttered and it causes us to miss out on the good that God has planned when HE is our priority!

In Matthew 22, the Pharisees question Jesus about what the greatest commandment is and Jesus responds with two simple answers: love God and love people.

Now, I am sure this isn’t the first time you’ve read these verses.. but it just might be the first time you’ve read them in the context of quarantine. Jesus gives us these two simple, yet vitally important commands for how we are to live. The two greatest priorities written out right in front of us: love God and love people. Not the other way around and not only when we feel like it, but with everything we have, in every moment of our lives.

During this season, I’ve been challenged by these two commands because just about anything I have chosen to put before God in the past has been put on hold. Quarantine has left me in a place where it’s just me and God. And guess what? You’re there too. Sure, our daily routines look different and some homes are fuller than others.. but in this season there is more time than ever to take a moment – maybe more – to give our full attention to God! The other distractions have been tuned out for us and God is waiting to meet you right where you are!

Not only that, but there has never been a greater time in our lives to be intentional with how we love the people around us. We have an opportunity unlike any other to seek people out and let them know we care for them! They need hope and we have hope to share! So start that group FaceTime call, drop off those homemade cookies on the porch, send some snail mail, and get creative with your connections!

Here’s something to think about for today:

  • When I get out, how will I prioritize moments to give my full attention to God?
  • What are the intentional ways of connection that I want to keep doing when I get out?

Becca Harbaugh

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