May 8 – When I Get Out – Alone Time

Read Matthew 14:22-23

If you could choose; would you choose solitude or people?

I am a diagnosed outgoing introvert. I love to be around people, I love conversations and outings with people; however, I need alone time. I need time to reflect, time to rest, time to just be alone, with no distractions and no to do list haunting my every thought. This time is often spent with the Lord or with those close friends that I live life with.

During COVID I haven’t had much alone time.  In our household, “Mama’s time” is set aside each week for me to either meet up with close friends for coffee, prayer, or just to sit and write. “Mama time” isn’t successful at home as we have a very wonderful but active little boy who loves my every moment’s attention (mama’s, I know you get this). So, I go to the environment that most relaxes me, a coffee shop.

Since COVID this has not been possible with the stay-at-home order. Being an essential worker I have work, and then home. People…all day. Though it’s people I care and love deeply; that alone time is crucial for me to be able to thrive and be the best person I can be.

I used to think this was a bad trait of mine. I used to think wanting to be alone or being exhausted after being around people a lot was something I needed to work on. However, I read more than one account in Scripture where Jesus chose solitude over people. He chose to go before the Lord, alone, in order to recharge, gain wisdom, surrender, or just rest; without eyes watching, without work or life interrupting, for just a time.

The account we read in Matthew 14:13; Jesus sent the people away, his disciples ahead and went to be alone to pray with the Lord. With the things to come, there were many reasons as to why He was seeking time alone with the Lord. Yet, the principle that the Lord has given me in the many times that Jesus chose solitude, brought me peace about how God created me.

The biggest lesson I have learned throughout this stay at home order is that to be the person God intended me to be is to not pretend that I don’t need that time away. To ask for help when needed, to make it a priority, because spending a designated time alone with the Lord not only makes me thrive but also helps my family thrive.

Kelly Lawson

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