May 22 – Praying Through the Psalms – Psalm 46

Read Psalm 46:1-11

Can you think back to the moment where you first consciously decided to trust the Lord with something uncertain in your life? I spent some time thinking about that today as I was writing this devotional. After I gave my life to Jesus what was the first major decision I trusted Him with?  For me, it was going on a mission trip. I was a young awkward sophomore in high school who was uncertain of himself and at the time was still uncertain about what being a person of faith meant, but I felt God tugging on my heart to say “yes.” Like every other time I have said “yes” to God, I found that trusting in Him changed my life and perspective.

Certainly, in the times in which we live, we are faced daily with choices where we have to put our trust in the Lord. Whether it be deciding to return to work, or whether to stay in college with the financial uncertainty of the world, or whether it is safe enough yet to go and see your family, every day we are making choices that involve risk and ultimately trust in the Lord’s will for our life. But I think today the Psalmist is trying to remind us that while it is good to be trusting the Lord in the decisions we make, above all we need to simply put our trust in Him.

Even in the midst of our darkest moments, there is one hope to which we can cling. Look at the truths the Psalmist reminds us of today. Even when the earth gives way and everything around us is crashing down; we shall not fear because God is our rock and refuge (v. 1-3). Even when it seems like we are alone and no one is with us; our God is ever-present and with us through the storm (v. 7, v.11). Even when it seems like all hope is gone; our God is bigger and stronger, heck He has beaten death… and he can beat this virus (v.8-10). I’ll be honest, I’m not great at math (that’s why I went to law school!) but the odds are on our side when we put our faith in Jesus whether it be in a big decision or simply just trying to choose joy over fear.

Over the past eight weeks as we have lived through lockdown I have heard it said again and again that “if we can be certain about anything it’s that there is a lot of uncertainty.” While I appreciate the sentiment, and recognize that a lot of uncertainty does exist, I disagree. In the world in which we live we can be certain of a few things – God is good, Jesus is King, and in Jesus, the best is yet to come.

Taylor Bennington 

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