June 18 – Peace – Know Jesus, Know Peace. No Jesus, No Peace.

Read Romans 5:1-11

There are often times that I think to myself of what my life would be like without Jesus. Without the power of the Holy Spirit in my life, how much different would my life be? How would I handle conflict? How would I handle stress? How would I handle the unknown? When I look over my life, the choices I have made, the things I have done, and the places I have gone, I am so thankful for the work God has done in my life. It’s nothing short of miraculous.

Have you ever thought about how different your life would be without Christ? I can tell you that when you do that, you become so thankful for Christ in your life. Perhaps you are not a follower of Christ. Maybe you are thinking to yourself, “I just don’t get what’s so important about Christianity? Why would I want to give control of my life to a man in the clouds?” Let me tell you.

One thing that you have with Christ is hope. Romans 5:3 says, “…But we also exult in our tribulations, knowing that tribulation brings about perseverance; and perseverance, proven character; and proven character, hope…”. With the events that are taking place in our world today, it may be easy to say that the world is falling apart. However, we know that with Christ, we praise God in the midst of tribulation because we know that God can work in those times to make us better. Ultimately, He can use hard times in our lives to bring about hope. What kind of hope? Hope that there is a better life coming, hope that because of Jesus’ death on the cross for our sins, we are destined for eternity in Heaven.

What makes Jesus so amazing? How do we get peace through God? It is because we revel with what He has done for us, and not just us, but humanity. Verse 6 tells us that when we were helpless, when we were enemies of God (v. 10), when our lives were destined for Hell, Jesus died for our sins. Although our lives were plagued with sin, Jesus looked past that. Even though we openly reject God and sin against Him, He still died for us. The punishment for your sins has already been paid for. Because of that, we are reconciled to God, we have hope and peace because we know that after this life, there is another one waiting for us and it is one that will bring us eternal joy and happiness. Will you join?

Jake Lawson

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