June 21 – Father’s Day 2020 – Transcendent Qualities Of A Good Father

Read 1 John 3:1, Proverbs 20:7 and Deuteronomy 6:4-5

For all of the fathers out there, a hearty “Happy Father’s Day” from everyone here at EverydaywithGod and Grace Church! This is a day that we celebrate fathers and the gift that they are to all of us! Here at Grace Church in Wooster, Pastor Nick along with Billy and Bob will talk this morning about the qualities of a good father. Now, there is a truth that not all of us are fathers and not all of us have had great relationships with our earthly fathers. Regardless of that fact, there is a truth that we know of a Heavenly Father who is good all of the time and part of what makes Him good are the qualities that we can apply to our own lives. You will hear today, or later this week, about how we need to love no matter what, lead by example and live for what lasts. Just like these are the qualities of a good father, these are qualities that, if we all apply them to our own lives, can change the world.

Do you believe it?

This week, you will hear from a couple of us about some passages in Scripture that talk about fatherhood but more geared towards our Heavenly Father. So, if you aren’t a father or have a complicated relationship with yours, my challenge to you is to read these next 6 devotionals and reflect on your relationship with your Heavenly Father. If you are a father, allow these devotionals to be a challenge to you!

Father’s Day is usually a day that we all take time to express, the best that we know how, just how thankful we are for them for the influence they’ve had on our lives. How thankful would you say you are for your relationship with your Heavenly Father and all that He has done for you? Do you truly recognize all that He did for you by sending His only Son to die for your sins so you could be spared from eternal torment because of your sin?

Spend a few minutes in prayer. Thank God for loving you no matter what, leading by example and living for what truly lasts…our soul.

Jake Lawson

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