June 24 – Father’s Day 2020 – Proverbs 20

Read Proverbs 20: 6-7

Promises, promises. I heard of a man who had 3 sons. He promised his sons for years that he would take them fishing. The sons waited and waited and waited for the father to take them. Then one day, the father finally said they would go. Only the father had seen the weather report. Well, the boys hadn’t and they were excited. They started to pack up the car and then it happened… a storm came and the trip was canceled. Sadly, that father never took his sons fishing, not ever.


The Psalmist says “… a faithful person who can find?” When God looks at you and  me, does He find a faithful person? Does He see someone who comes through on their word? Someone who can be trusted?

The next verse takes it even further and says that “The righteous lead blameless lives; blessed are their children after them.”  God knows that we won’t be perfect. He knows there will be times when we fail. But unlike the father in the story who never came through, a faithful and living right dad works to come through on his promises and lives life the right way, God’s way!

So, how are you doing? If we were to talk with those closest to you, would they say that you keep your word? Would they say that you are living in the way God would want you to live? Or is there an area of your life that you know needs changed so you can be more like Jesus?

Here is the best part… if you have not been a person to keep your word, you haven’t been living the way God would want you to live, or there is an area of your life that needs changed… God forgives!! Take time right now to ask Him for forgiveness and go to those you have hurt and do the same. Then, seek help! Talk to someone who can walk with you to become a person of your word and living as God would want you to live.

Because, for those of us that are dads… our children will be blessed because we chose to follow God’s way!

Tim Boucher

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