June 27 – Father’s Day 2020 – 3 John

Read 3 John 1:4

I remember the moment like it was yesterday. The evening of September 5th, 2017…the day my son Matthew was born. Labor began super early in the morning so it was a very long day for Kelly and I…mostly Kelly. I remember the emotion of seeing Mattie brought up and the look of pure and unadulterated joy and love that Kelly and I exchanged. I remember the feeling of the tears flowing down my face as a love that I have never experienced before touched my heart for the first time. I remember family and close friends coming in and out of the room all day. There was a time, however, where the dust settled, when the last person left the room. For the first time ever, it was Kelly, Mattie and myself…alone.

I remember holding Mattie in that moment and suddenly becoming overwhelmed with emotion. All of the buildup, the pregnancy, the baby shower, the middle of the night rush to the hospital led up to this very moment. Here was this baby boy that is mine. My son. I was suddenly overwhelmed with the responsibility that was ahead of me.

Do I have what it takes to raise this boy?

Do I have what it takes to be an even better husband to Kelly?

Do I have the strength to power through the many obstacles that would come?

Do I have the patience to carefully craft this boy into the man God created him to be?

Do I have what it takes to be the best example of a godly man to my son?

Through all of that, I wish, ABOVE ALL, that Mattie would walk in the truth of Christ. I wish that Mattie would one day make the best decision of all by surrendering his life to Christ. I imagine the joy that I would experience hearing of that decision!

My question to you, the reader, is this: are you walking in the truth? You may or may not have been shown a good example of this from your father but the question still remains: are you walking in the truth of Christ? Regardless of if you are blessed with marriage, children or not…we are called, as believers, to actively walk in truth…THE TRUTH.

Where are you with this? Are you actively walking with Christ? Are there any adjustments that you need to make? What example are you giving those around you?

Imagine the joy on our Father’s face when He hears that you, His precious child, is walking in the truth!

Jake Lawson

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