July 12 – United: Country – Daniel 9

Read Daniel 9:1-19

Being a younger kid is great because your parents have to apologize to other people in your place because you don’t know the significance of what you did and it can easily be chalked up to an innocent accident.

However, I remember the moment that changed for me.

Some of you may know that the Lawson family is very much a baseball family. We absolutely love the sport and all played it and were good at it…except me…I was horrible. When Dad, my brother, Wade, and I are together, the conversation can very easily shift to baseball and it’s hard to get us out of that rabbit hole.

If anyone wants to talk baseball, I’m your guy!

When I was younger, I was getting thrown some BP (batting practice) in the front yard. At this point we were still using regular baseballs for BP. I forget who was pitching but I squared one up and sent a screaming line drive to right center field which happened to be our neighbor’s house. Instead of racing into second base with a stand up double, I watched helplessly as my screamer met the side of our neighbor’s house leaving a gnarly dent. Not only did we use that moment to transition to wiffle balls, but I was forced to knock on their front door and apologize for the dent in their house.

In Daniel 9, Daniel prays for the nation of Israel as they are in captivity in Babylon. If you spend any amount of time reading about the nation of Israel, you will find that they had a lot of issues with listening to the commands of God. They seemingly were in and out of captivity and trials that were brought about due to their disobedience.

In these 19 verses, Daniel pleads with God on behalf of his nation. In Daniel’s plea, he includes some “I understand why this is happening”, “Please be faithful to your people” and “This is what you have done for us in the past.” You can almost hear the passion in his words.

Similarly, in our world today, what impact would praying on behalf of our nation have? How much of Daniel’s words would directly translate to ours? You may not think that your prayers would hold much weight, but consider all that God did for Israel…do you think He could do the same for us?

I challenge you, if you haven’t yet made a habit of praying for our nation, to do so. God loves hearing from His children and, even more, hearing their heart for each other.

Jake Lawson

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