July 18 – United: Country – 1 Peter 2

Read 1 Peter 2:13-17

I am about 4 years too late, but I have hopped on the “Hamilton” band wagon. Being a product of musical theater, you would think I would be all over this amazingly written and created show. However, I was so into other show’s scores and stories that I never gave it much attention. Until recently, when I not only was able to listen to the whole album, but also watch the show. The story of not only Alexander Hamilton came alive but a character and person that intrigued me was that of George Washington. He is known for being the father of our nation and learning more of his story and leadership by way of a musical made me think of Peter’s advice and instruction to honor and respect the authority placed before us.

George Washington held the respect of so many. What made him a great leader, as you will read from almost all historians, is his character. He was a man of great faith, discipline and follow through. He held integrity as his greatest characteristic but also respected those who served under him. Now, for most, respecting and honoring this type of authority would be easy. What about those it is hard to serve? Those that are hard to respect or honor because we see certain characteristics as flawed?

In the professional setting, some would say I hold a “Go-getter” attitude and try to bring clarity and decisiveness as well as follow through to my position. However, when those that are above me don’t meet the same standards that I hold myself to, it can be difficult to honor or respect their authority or leadership. Sometimes I remember the Lord’s eternal truth and find myself in repentance.

Those above us are human; they are broken and flawed, just as we are, and they need grace, just as we do. If the Lord allowed their leadership to come to pass, we are called to respect their position and their authority. This does not mean we have to be best friends or agree with everything that they say or act on, but we must look at their position as one of respect.

I remember many pastors saying, “The relationship that you have with your earthly father often affects your relationship with our Heavenly Father” and I believe that same principle applies to those in leadership as well. As we show respect for Jesus as our authority, we must also allow that same heart of respect to affect the way we see, pray, vote, and support those in leadership.

How we respect and respond to those in leadership will shed a light to those who need to see Jesus.

 “Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake”

Kelly Lawson

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