July 19 – United: Church – 1 Corinthians 12

Read 1 Corinthians 12:12-31

Who doesn’t like a parade complete with a marching band?  The beat of the drums, cymbal crashes and the “oom pa-pas” of the tubas can get your heart a-pumping and your feet a-tapping!

Every instrument has a part to play.  Some carry the melody and others the harmony.  Together each part works to make one harmonious song.

Can you imagine a march played by just one instrument?  How about a whole band made up entirely of cymbal players?    What if the band members switched music and each one played the part meant for an entirely different instrument?   How about the tuba player trying to play the part written for the piccolo?  The tuba is not made to hit that high of notes. Likewise, the piccolo is not made to play the low notes meant for the tuba.

The same is true of people in God’s Church.  We each have our own God-given talents that we are to use to spread the love of Christ.  Pastors can take a single Bible verse and come up with an hour-long sermon on its meaning and applications to many people each week.  Ushers have a way of making people feel welcome.  Is the Pastor’s job any more important than that of the usher or the Sunday school teacher?  No!  Can you imagine a church where the pastor had to hand out the bulletins, seat everyone, run the sound and music, then right before preaching teach the little ones?  Of course not.  Each job in the church is just as important as the other.

We need each other!

Just like it takes all kinds of instruments to complete the score of a rousing march it takes all kinds of people with their individual God-given talents for the body of Christ to play in harmony as we march onward to spread the Gospel.

We all have God-given talents! Do you know what yours are? If not, why not ask Him what part He has waiting for you to play?  Once you find it, you should do it wholeheartedly with all the crescendos and decrescendos you can muster.   And don’t forget to throw in a few “oom pa pas” and cymbal crashes for emphasis in just the right spots!

 Patricia Arnold

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