October 11 – BLESS

Read Romans 10:1-21

Every time I read this passage, I am struck by the way that Paul describes the progression to a person’s salvation. He outlines those steps in reverse order.

  • Those who are saved must call upon the Lord (v. 13)
  • Those who call on the Lord must believe (v. 14a).
  • Those who believe in Him must hear about Him (v. 14b).
  • In order for a person to hear, there must be a preacher (v. 14c).
  • In order to preach, a person must be sent (v. 15).

The sending of preachers, then, is foundational to the salvation of people.

Don’t get too hung up on presuppositions and spiritual stereotypes here. To be sure, the sending includes that of missionaries crossing an ocean, but it is not limited to that. God sends every one of His children (Matt. 28:19, 20). It is true that the “preacher” includes the person who stands in front of a camera and/or on a stage and proclaims biblical truth. But it is not limited to either. He desires to use every Christ follower in proclaiming the message of the gospel (Col. 4:5, 6). In fact, with the growing aversion to “preachers” in the stereotypical sense, people are often more receptive to hearing a Christian friend sharing gospel truths in the context of a relationship.

Grace Church has emphasized that relational dimension over the last years by encouraging you to identify five people…your 5. These are people you want to see follow Jesus. Have you identified your 5? Are you making redemptive relational inroads into their lives?

Over the next seven days, you will explore relational keys that will help you to “BLESS” those in your neighborhood and network of relationships. The acrostic “BLESS” provides reminders of key dimensions of relational outreach.

Here are the topics you will be touching on:

  • BEGIN with prayer
  • LISTEN to others
  • EAT together
  • SERVE others
  • SHARE the story

Thanks for joining us for the launch of this series. For today, you can begin by listing your key relationships with people who do not yet know Jesus. Begin to see yourself as the “preacher” that God has sent in order for them to hear, believe, and be saved.

Steve Kern

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