October 17 – BLESS – What does this mean to you?

Read Acts 8:26-40

Imagine the scene.

You’re called to the gates of Heaven. You’re at a loss for words because of the spectacular beauty that surrounds you. All of the stories and speculation that you heard during your earthly life come nowhere close to what you see. At that point in time, nothing else matters. You see the streets of gold and can feel the very presence of the Lord. At this point, you look off to the side to see a friend overcome with emotion. This is a friend that you had invited to church many times but were never really sure anything stuck with them. You tried to have spiritual conversations with them but, according to you, you didn’t get anywhere. They ended up accepting Christ! Through the tears, this friend says, “Thank you. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here.”

You never really know the impact of investing in someone can have. You never know if you are the only Jesus they will ever experience. You don’t know that the time you passed up to talk to them was the last time you were ever going to talk to them. Your voice, your invitation, your care could be just what they need to turn the page in their life…turning the page to eternity with Christ.

What amazes me about this BLESS series that we have gone through is the deliberate layout of the letters. First, we learned that we need to begin with prayer. Next, we need to listen to others. We then find out ways that we can intentionally invest in others followed by identifying ways that we can serve them. All of these steps describe the framework that goes into softening their heart to the gospel. What amazes me is that there are 4 steps which take place before the gospel ever comes into the picture.

What does this show you?

To me, it shows that there is so much more to evangelism than the presentation. How are you going to present the gospel to someone that has no interest in hearing it? How are you going to present the gospel when the person isn’t really convinced you care about them and truly want what’s best for them?

In our reading today, Phillip exemplifies the BLESS acrostic well. It’s much more than a presentation. It’s about caring for, investing and guiding them towards Jesus.

It is our prayer that, through this BLESS series, you have been equipped and encouraged to invest in the lives of those around you like never before. We pray that you leave this series with a game plan of how you are going to reach those close to you with the hope of the gospel and live out each of the letters of BLESS.

You never know, your invitation may be what convinces them to cross from death to life.

Jake Lawson

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